All participants must bring the following to Crossfire VBC hosted tryouts/sessions:


Complete the four forms (available for download at the bottom of the page):

1)  Player informational form

2)  Concussion form

3)  Medical form

4)  Covid-19 Waiver form


4) Respective Crossfire VBC program/session/tryout fee

5)  Proof of Badger Region/USAV membership (digital or hard copy). 


You will obtain the membership card by visiting the Badger Region VB website,, or click the Badger Region icon below. 

On the BR site, click on the Membership tab to receive instructions then scroll to the paragraph that fits your situation.  

Please note, this is a required Badger Region membership fee and is not paid to Crossfire VBC.

Player Tryout Form


Concussion Fact Sheet

Medical Release Form

Badger Region Membership