15s - 17s - Open Gym - April 11

We will be hosting an open gym on April 11th for 15s - 17s.

Registered players can bring a friend, if they fill out the open gym waiver and bring it at the time of participation.

Please go to our Registration page to sign up.


Welcome to the Crossfire VBC, which is a local, non-profit organization. The club functions under the guidelines of Badger Region Volleyball Association. The club is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the area junior volleyball players, who want to play at various competitive levels and love the sport of volleyball!

Crossfire VBC offers competitive levels of volleyball within each age group, from instructional to competitive traveling teams, starting at 12U to a 17/18 team. Teams compete against other club teams in the surrounding areas, from Madison to Wisconsin Dells to Milwaukee area, mostly within the Badger Volleyball Region Association. Teams also compete in the Rockford/Northern Illinois area, with occasional tournaments in other neighboring states.



Smaller club, more personal - we know our players well, and are able to develop positive relationships with all of them.

Quality coaches - we have IMPACT and SafeSport certified coaches that care about you.

Shorter season - our club is designed to keep travel, costs and time to a manageable level.

User friendly - we work hard to consider others interests in creating tournament schedules.

Small team size - our teams are 9-11 players to give maximum opportunities for all players.

Challenging - we offer multiple levels within age groups that allows each player to find a team that fits them.